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Pianist and composer

Massachusetts, USA

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Latest News


Personal Life

As I mentioned in my last update, I'm moving to Austin, Texas in June. This past month was about preparing for that. I spent May 1-10 finishing up my caregiving for Donald (he's with our parents now and doing great). After that I drove to Austin and back, from May 15-25. I had a great time. I'll be driving down again on June 1 (tomorrow). I'm excited to move there, and especially excited to make music in person again.

Audio Store

I updated the audio store this month with some new music. My audio store is a collection of tracks for people who are producing media (videos, audio, and games). I'm trying to produce useful, high-quality audio that reflects my style and artistic preferences. I hope to add many more tracks over time. The new tracks this month were Caveman Cafe, Postcard Shuffle, and Water Mill.

Music in the audio store is free for listening. I've set up videos so you can follow the sheet music while the music plays. Just click the "play" icons on the website to see the sheet music.

If you're a content creator and you'd like to use this music in your work, you can subscribe to the website for unlimited access.

The Cutting Room Floor

I've increasingly noticed that my approach to composition generates much more material than necessary. Only a small percentage of my music actually makes it out of the studio. To change this, I've created a space for releasing unused sketches, scraps, and musical fragments that aren't completely fleshed out. I'm calling this page the "cutting room floor".

The material on this page occupies a weird in-between space; it doesn't really reflect my output professionally, but I think some people might enjoy it anyway. To start things off, I uploaded a couple short chiptunes. (A chiptune is a piece of video game music that evokes a classic or retro aesthetic. Imagine an arcade in the 80's or 90's, or a home console like the Atari 2600 or Super Nintendo.)


If you like what I'm doing and wish to support my work, you can subscribe to my website. Subscriptions enable me to create more original music and content. A subscription is $4 a month. Subscribers receive access to exclusive content like sheet music, the "Music and Ideas" podcast, and an unlimited license for music in the audio store.

To subscribe, you only have to sign up once, and then it's automatically billed every month. You can unsubscribe anytime. Subscriptions are safely and securely handled through PayPal, which is a large and reputable company. However, you do not need a PayPal account to subscribe. You just need an email address and a credit card. The process is similar to buying something off of Amazon, and I walk through it in this video: https://youtu.be/ekpnynYDqSw?t=552


I enjoy a support network that includes family, friends, students, collaborators, and supporters. That is a privilege I do not take for granted! Thank you for being part of that.

Take care, and see you next month. I'll wear a cowboy hat.



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