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It's good to see an animation from you! I like the idea of a dog with Tourette's.

I'm sorry about your grandfather. This is the second time I've noticed you writing about the death of a family member. I recall you mentioning your mother's passing when you posted "Violet Flower Headbands" in 2009. Good for you for pushing through difficult times and creating art for the rest of us to enjoy. Take care and thank you.

Whirlguy responds:

Ah yes, I remember you reviewed my song way back then! The animation I did before this also had an In Memoriam section. It's getting a little old losing people around me but heh, that's also part of life I guess. Thanks for the kind words man, it means a lot to me :)

This was delightful! I grew up with the show but never saw this episode. The whole thing was quite...naughty.

As far as brains go, you got the lion’s share. But when it comes to brute originality, I’m afraid you're at the shallow end of the meme pool.

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This is lovely, John. Even within a short game, your talent for simple, memorable aesthetics shines through.

orange08 responds:

Thanks, Ben! :) Appreciate the review, although I know not everyone will be a fan of this degree of minimalism.

I loved it! This was a pleasant way to start my morning. It was not very hard, and that was fine with me because it was fun and cute.

There were some chances you missed to create visual variety. The aesthetics of the desert could change with the music (e.g. at night, in the rain, etc.). The cactus could frown when it is stuck in a block, or melt when it is drowned in a waterfall.

The music was adorable. Did you write it? My only suggestion is I think there should be an additional separate track for the title screen, different from the first levels. Initially, I thought that short loop was going to run through all twenty levels, and inwardly decided to shut off the sound around level 5. I was grateful when the music changed, though I like that track a lot.

The gameplay could be easily expanded out of one screen, which I think is what accounts for the relatively easy difficulty level. You could add more colors and have the cactus track larger levels, forcing the player to genuinely remember the structure of the colors just above or below the visible screen area. You could also exploit the cactus's falling time, making the player change blocks from on/off in a tricky sequence as it fell through the air.

Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Diemorth responds:

Wow, what amazing feedback, I'm glad it was a good experience for your day! And thank you for the compliments.

As for visual variety, there really are more ways to explore this, especially if we add new mechanics :D We can make many interesting visual interactions, just like the ones you mentioned. :>

The songs are some magnificent cc0 works that are available on the OpenGameArt website, the credit for these beautiful songs is all of their respective creators ;} Your song suggestion is a great idea, I will consider doing this in the next projects I will bring to Newgrounds! I'm glad you didn't give up and don't muted the game :v

Again a great suggestion to expand the game screen vertically by working on the memory of what's above it. There will probably be tests with this and with possibilities for new blocks and more buttons.

I am honored that you enjoyed the game and wrote such detailed and consistent feedback. Thanks for playing!

Beat it! Great work as always, very enjoyable little game. My only gripe is I didn't care for the audio in the final level; I found the distortion unpleasant there.

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Perfect for Pixel Day! Good to hear from you, David; this track is awesome. I'm thinking this soundtrack might be my workout music later...

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks for stopping by, Ben -- Enjoy that workout!

Good for you. :) This is a good little track. It's simple and short, and it's made well. If you're having a difficult time starting projects, making short tracks might be a good way to get into the habit. Good luck.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thanks, that's also why I chose chiptune synths, bigger more modern synth sounds are a little overwhelming, I'll build up to making bigger more polished songs.

Nice! It's odd, I just posted a DK Country cover and then I log in to see yours. Must just be the season for Donkey Kong. Anyway, thank you for posting this. It's relaxing, and well-mixed from what I can tell on these speakers. The cricket sounds at the beginning were a nice touch. Pleasant way to start my morning.

nal1200 responds:

Thanks! I always loved the music from DKC 2 - it's timeless!

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Gorgeous. Given the subject, it is especially poignant that this is done in a pixel art style.

maruki responds:

Thank you for the kind words


Kamikaye responds:

Thanks ! :)

At moments like this, I'm grateful for internet access and the opportunities it affords me to enjoy beautiful art. Thank you for creating and posting this gem.

If only that character's name wasn't "Poo". Honestly...what on earthbound were they thinking?

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